The Basics
Name: Monica

Nickname: Miss Mayhem

Birth: '90

Join Cast: June 2008

Roles Played: Columbia, Eddie, Trannie

My favorite obsession is: Music, music, and more music :)

How do you like spending your free time? I like watching movies and playing video games (Zelda is one of my favorites) I also like to make beaded jewelry. And I always enjoy spending time with friends.

Special Talents/Quirks: I sing and play the trombone, along with many other musical instruments.

Tattoos/Piercings: Just my ears :)

Favorite Quote: "This is crazy in a box with a side order of fries." - Freeman's Mind

Celebrity Crush: Johnny Depp

What's your favorite part about being on cast? Seeing what a great time the audience is having :)

What do you have the most fun doing at the show? Being a Trannie!

Favorite Themed Show: Luau!

Favorite Pre-show: It's a tie between Cell Block Tango and Ladies Night.

Myspace: tbonegirl310
Facebook: tbonegirl310

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