The Basics
Name: Kayla

Nicknames: Kay, Muffin

Birth: '87

Join Cast: June 2006

Roles Played: Janet, Crim, Dr. Scott, Eddie, Trannie, Trixie

My favorite obsession is: books! I can never have too many. Music is a close second.

How do you like spending your free time? Singing, going out with my friends, dancing, reading, keeping up with the numerous TV series I’m addicted to, watching Doris Day movies, and much, much more

Special Talents/Quirks: I have a birthmark on the underside of my pinkie toe on my left foot that’s shaped like a triangle. I sing OK too. I also belch like a construction worker. Oh, and I can move my eyes independently.

Tattoos/Piercings: 7 ear piercings and my bellybutton

Favorite Quote: “Don’t judge me by my failures, but only by my dreams.” – SR-71, “Talent does whatever it wants to. Genius does only what it can.” – Eugene Delacroix

Celebrity Crush: Kat Von D and Gerard Butler

What's your favorite part about being on cast? Getting to spend so much time with my friends doing something fun and having a way for us all to express our creativity

What do you have the most fun doing at the show? Dancing with the audience before the show and getting to meet everyone afterward. Hearing that all of our work is appreciated is always a pleasure. Yelling AP lines is always fun too.

Favorite Themed Show: Chaos, Audience Choice, and Tacky Horror (gender swap)

Favorite Pre-show: Time Warpin’ (June 09), Cell Block Tango (Nov 08), Pirate War (May 07)

Myspace: HipHipHurray4Me
Facebook: HipHipHurray4Me

Oh, P.S…. I have the best dog ever. And the best Mom ever. Not in that order.

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