MFO CafePress Store - We don't get paid to do our shows, but we do need money for new props, costumes, etc, so help out by grabbing some awesome MFO swag!

Partners and Friends of MFO:
In 2 the Red / Devastated Area - Local music scene for Redding, Chico and inbetween
State Theatre - The State Theatre in Red Bluff, our primary venue

Links to RHPS-related Sites:
Rocky Horror - The Official Fan Site
Cosmo's Factory - A cornucopia of RHPS stuff!
RHPS.Org: Zenin's Archives - Lots of RHPS stuff including many more links, casts, etc

Links to Other RHPS Casts (What? We're not good enough for you?):
The Bawdy Caste - A San Francisco/San Jose, CA cast
Barely Legal - An SF Bay Area, CA cast
Zen Room - A San Luis Obispo, CA cast (aka Big Purple Onion Productions)
Sins O' The Flesh - A North Los Angeles, CA cast
Midnight Insanity - A South Los Angeles, CA cast
Crazed Imaginations - A San Diego, CA cast
Under Sedation - A Sacramento, CA cast (Defunct)
Absent Friends - A Sacramento, CA cast (Defunct)
Apple Pie - A Chico, CA cast (Defunct)
Psychotic Cabaret - An Eureka, CA cast (Sometimes Annual Show)

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